Saving Newborn Lives: Evidence from Low-Resource Settings
Claudia S. Morrissey, Save the Children US, Washington DC, USA

Managing Human Resources for Strengthening Health Systems in Developing Countries – The Role of Continuous Professional Education, Information Communication Technology and Public Health Informatics
Mininim Oseji, Delta State Ministry of Health, Asaba, Nigeria; School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, UK. Patrick Ezepue African Higher Education and Research Observatory, Sheffield, UK

Workshop on Gender and Health, additional PDF
Waltraud Diekhaus, MWIA, Dortmund, Germany. Shelley Ross, MWIA, Burnaby, Canada

Leadership in Medicine, Career, Mentoring
Astrid Bühren, German Medical Women’s Association, Germany. Marianne Schrader, German Medical Women’s Association, Germany. Atsuko Heshiki, Medical Women´s International Association (MWIA), Japan
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